Top 5 Website Design Companies In Kenya | 2021 Rankings

 Top 5 Website Design Companies In Kenya | 2021 Rankings

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Website design companies in Kenya provide an essential service for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. So many individuals have had a ‘bad website designer’ story or have probably heard stories or worse, have experienced it at some point. And that’s why you want to hire the right website design company in Kenya. But how do you find such website developer in Kenya whom you can trust? And how do you make sure you don’t end up being just another business owner in Kenya with a ‘bad web designer’ story. 

Then you came to the right place! In this blog post, we’re going to give you information on how you can get a good website and provide a list of top website design companies in Kenya.


Brimmatech Kenya provides cost effective website design solutions that help businesses effectively leverage the internet to market products and services. Our core online marketing solutions include dynamic websites,

website design and development agency based in Kenya. The team has provided expertise in web design, web development, custom software development, and e-commerce development. Brimmatech Kenya works with various industries including retail, education, and arts & entertainment.


2.Seraki digital

Seraki digital is a web design company in Nairobi, Kenya. We have some of the best web designers in Nairobi. Our web developers are passionate about the success of businesses. Therefore, you can count on us when you need the right website for your business. While many web designers would takeoff after building a website, we remain with you. This is because, we are always committed to you even after completing your website design



They are a team of Web developers, DevOps Engineers, and Data Analysts with a Combined Experience of 20 Years. They discovered the need for creating Innovative Software Solutions that are tailor-made and meet customer needs, unlike the “one fix-all” method. They are deploying innovative solutions and leveraging their skills in different platforms.

4:Geotek Africa

Geotek Africa is an IT and Geoinformation Company based in Nairobi.  We have a team of qualified personnel in both fields with a wide experience in solving the real world problems. We’ve majored in Website Design and Web Application Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Data Analytics and Gis and Mapping Technology


We are the trusted Web Design Company in Kenya. Our web designers help businesses create effective online presence that support their growth.

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